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The single – the first to be released from Laura’s forthcoming second album – will be released on 14th December on Virgin. It’ll be available as a vinyl and download from the usual places. And it’s much, much better than anything the X-Factor winner will cough up AND Rage Against the Machine, so buy this one intead.

Check out how relaxed she is. Brill

The Mountain Parade got in touch to ask if they could play The Allotment, and I’m very glad they did. They’re an I-don’t-know-how-many piece from Oxford with an ever revolving (and expanding?) membership.

There’s certainly a trend for a load of 20-somethings — who doubtless enjoyed classical music lessons at the expense of their parents as schoolchildren — whipping out the clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello etc and calling it folk, with varying degrees of success.

The Mountain Parade certainly fit this mold, but have the songs and the frontwoman to pull it off. Lead singer Roxy has a lovely, honest voice that is perfect for storytelling.

The tracks on the band’s MySpace are very much demos, but show the band’s promise. Check out The Squid and the Whale and Christmas song ‘Salvation Army Band’.

The Mountain Parade have already appeared on some enviable line-ups with Jeffrey Lewis, Johnny Flynn and Sparky Deathcap among others and the band are working on an EP due to be released early next year.

Find them on MySpace.

FFS braved a chilly London night to see Mumford and Sons Winter Fair. An open air gig in the grounds of St Martins in the Fields at Trafalgar Square complete with hog roast, mulled wine and mince pies. The West-Londoners were in fine form although the show lacked some of the atmosphere of the basement gigs we’ve seen them play before — it’s jolly difficult to work up a sweat in the freezing cold.

As well as songs from Sigh No More the Sons covered an Old Show Medicine Show and with Marcus’s asking: “Has anyone seen the Disney version of Robin Hood? Greatest film ever made, no doubt…” the band launched into a cover of Not in Nottingham from said film, with some most impressive whistling from the frontman.

Mumford and Sons are about to embark on a tour of India with Laura Marling and will head off to Australia after Christmas. When back in Blighty they’ll embark on a UK tour with two already-sold-out dates at Shepherds Bush Empire. I remember when they were playing to about 20 people in the Tower Arts centre in Winchester just last year. Word certainly has got around.


  1. Sigh No More
  2. Awake My Soul
  3. Little Lion Man
  4. White Blank Page
  5. Not in Nottingham
  6. Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show cover)
  7. Winter Winds
  8. The Cave
  9. I Gave You All
  10. Roll Away Your Stone
  11. Encore: Whispers in the Dark

**Please excuse the terrible cameraphone picture. Anika can’t be everywhere, sadly.

The Very Most are a five-piece led by Jeremy Jensen, brother of Paranthetical Girls’s Rachael, from Idaho in the US. They have released two albums so far – Making the Case for Me in 2004 and Congratulations Forever in 2008 – and a handful of EPs including a split EP with Lions and Eagles.

The band have released their Winter EP, which begins with an awesome jazzy version of Away In A Manger that should have even the most vehement Christmas-haters a-clicking their fingers.

It’s The Best Thing’ will melt any heart with it’s evocative line, ‘it’s silence except for my little girl’s excited shreiks’ and third and final track ‘When Does The Goodwill Start’ will set toes tapping with it’s syncopated bass line and sleigh bells, which are juxtaposed with its slightly glum lyrics.

The Very Most have released Autumn, Spring and Summer EPs too, all of which are well worth giving a listen. But try the Winter one first, ay? You can listen to the whole thing here.

Find the very most on Spotify, MySpace and Indiecator Records.

AVI Buffalo is Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg. An 18 year old singer songwriter from Long Beach California who describes himself on his myspace as an alternative/southern rock.

Their music has the same sunshiney tinny sheen as the polyphonic spree. It sounds like California sunshine, or what I’ve seen of it from a university life spent watching the OC, anyway.

Their track ‘What’s in it for’ (which is a bit wall-of-noise-y for me personally – but I’ve delicate ears) has a full sound, good tune and is available to buy on a prettily designed vinyl from their website.

Five other tracks are available to download. My favourite from their MySpace, though, ‘Where’s Your Dirty Mind’ — a lovely lilting boy/girl duet — isn’t, and there’s no info saying when it will be.

AVI Buffalo have signed to Sub Pop and got some PR representation in the UK, so we can expect records and shows from them soon hopefully, just got to wait for the band members to finish school.

Album: This is Jonna Lee (spotify)

Spotify recommends Swede Jonna Lee for fans of Laura Maring… I’m a pretty big one, so I thought I’d check her out.

On first listen Jonna has a nice voice, and some melodic songs, but nothing like Laura’s depth.

Her album This is Jonna Lee, is pleasant, melodic, poppy album. There’s some nice variation in tempo and melody. And a couple of good tracks like the mega catchy My High and opener Aberdeen on New Years eve.

Spotify have done Jonna a bit of a disservice by comparing her to Laura, she comes off a poor second. Perhaps they meant Lene Marlin

This song is beautiful. Some kind (and a bit illegal) person has yoinked the music, stuck it over a way old photo of Laura and put it up on YouTube.


AMAZING. The whole thing is available to stream. If you like it, buy it. It’s for charity…